Thursday, March 7, 2013

For citizens and patients over the age of 50, Bryan Health in Lincoln and Lexington Regional Health Center have been the source to trust on remaining health and active through the 55PLU program. The 55PLUS program will continue to do operate under the new name Sterling Connection.

     Sterling = a superior wisdom derived from experience
     Connection = joining together of two or more people, things, or parts

This new name truly exemplifies the program. Sterling Connection will be here to help you transition from one phase of your life to the next, connecting you with the latest information, physicians, education, and social activities to help you be your best.

Not only is Sterling Connection being offered at Bryan Health, but it will continue to be a part of Lexington Regional Health Center, offered in conjunction with Bryan Health. When you join Sterling Connection, you become a member at Lexington Regional and at Bryan Health, receiving benefits at both hospitals.

For more information about Sterling Connection, contact Pat Samway (308) 324-5651, ext. 179 at Lexington Regional Health Center.