Tuesday, November 13, 2012

High achievement in patient satisfaction, low employee turnover, and creating value through financial performance has led Lexington Regional Health Center to receive a national award.77 Receiving Studer Award

In October, Lexington Regional Health Center was presented the Excellence in Patient Care Award from Studer Group during the 10th Annual What’s Right in Health Care conference in Tennessee. Studer Group is an internationally renowned health care consulting firm working with over 800 hospitals that is known for improving health care. To be eligible for the Excellence in Patient Care Award, Lexington Regional had to demonstrate outstanding performance in patient care; the hospital was then selected based on achievement, improvement, and overall exceptional performance.

“Our vision is to become the premiere health care organization in the region, so we have put a lot of emphasis on improving patients’ experience at Lexington Regional,” Leslie Marsh, CEO, said. “Focusing on the patient experience is helping us to move closer to our vision.”

Because of this emphasis, patient satisfaction scores at Lexington Regional Health Center are at all-time highs. Between April and June of this year, patients ranked the hospita

l in the 91st percentile for overall satisfaction, as reported by Healthstream, an independent third-party company. Communication with patients about their medicine ranked in the 98th percentile.

Marsh said these scores are reflective of new, evidence-based processes, including rounding, that Lexington Regional has implemented in the past two years. Nurses round with their patients a minimum of once an hour to check their needs and pain levels.

79 Studer Trophy

“We are very focused on managing patients’ pain,” Nicole Thorell, RN and nurse manager, said. “We discuss with patients what pain is and what they can expect to experience. It’s all about communication and what we can do to manage their pain while still keeping them safe.”

In addition to hourly rounding, a leader from the Lexington Regional’s executive team also visits with patients daily. Dana Steiner, RN and chief nursing officer, explained that one reason for this kind of rounding is to solve any problems a patient may be experiencing.

“We want to address concerns while the patient is in the hospital,” Steiner said. “We let our patients know that we are here to make sure they have the best experience possible. If there is anything we can do to make their stay better, we want to.”

Steiner said this not only gives patients the opportunity to provide feedback, but also builds a relationship with patients.

In addition to high patient satisfaction, the Excellence in Patient Care award highlights the hospital’s concentration on meeting financial goals and decreasing employee turnover. These objectives were met in part by assessing how operational costs could be decreased and modifying how new employees are hired.

In addition to the Excellence in Patient Care award, Steiner said Lexington Regional was also named Healthcare Organization of the Month for December, also by Studer Group. This award also highlights the strides Lexington Regional has made to give exceptional health care to the community.

“Our team is extremely proud of this recognition,” Marsh said. “It demonstrates our commitment to providing the best care to our patients and to their families. Creating the best patient experience is our priority.”