Our specialized health care professionals provide a comfortable, family-focused environment recognizing the needs of the mother, infant, and family. You can expect an attentive and compassionate staff dedicated to ensuring your experience in the Stork’s Nest is memorable.

The Stork’s Nest is comprised of three birthing suites and three additional private hospital rooms. Each room is used from admission to discharge and is decorated with a calming and neutral décor for a relaxing experience while you are hospitalized with your newborn. Well-equipped birthing suites blend the warmth and comfort of a home-like setting with the safety and convenience of a modern, full-service hospital.

Newborns remain in the room throughout the stay, and families can visit in complete privacy. Our nursery is staffed with excellent, educated nursery personnel who provide infant care as needed.

While nurses carefully control access to the secured obstetrics unit, Lexington Regional also provides an infant protection system. To validate the proper mother/newborn match, both the mother and newborn wear a common-coded bracelet that activates a “kissing” sound when they come into contact. This security system also ensures no one can remove an infant from the unit without alerting the staff. If an unauthorized individual attempts to use an exit with an infant, audio alarms sound throughout the hospital and doors are automatically locked.

The obstetrics unit also provides around-the-clock anesthesia coverage and is able to perform caesarean sections (C-sections) as needed.