Are you having a hard time getting motivated to work out? Or are you looking for a personalized plan and advice to help you meet your goals? If so, personal training at the Community Health & Fitness Center may be for you.

Personalized training can help you improve your overall fitness, which can lead to improved health. It can also give you:

  • More Energy
  • Greater Endurance
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Self-Esteem
  • Better Balance
  • Reduced Stress & Health Risks
  • Improved Body Weight
  • Better Muscle-Fat Ratio

Every person has individual goals and needs. Working one-on-one is the best way to define and attain your goals, fit your needs.

Our personal trainer, Melanie Shubert-Morgan, is happy to work with you and guide you through workouts. All exercises will be carefully taught and monitored; Melanie will make sure you are using proper form, ensuring effectiveness and safety. Training sessions can include:

  • Fitness assessment
  • Workout planning
  • Weight loss programming
  • One-on-one workouts
  • Weight & strength training
  • Diet & nutrition assistance
  • Sports training
  • Total fitness guidance


28 Melanie Shubert-MorganTrainer

Certified personal trainer Melanie Shubert-Morgan is focused on fitness and helping you attain your goals. She has been certified by the International Sports Sciences Association and is also a Zumba and Total Body Conditioning instructor.


Session Packages

  • Single Session I $35 per hour
  • Five Sessions I $125 total
  • Twelve Sessions I $240 total

Single sessions can include a fitness assessment, a review of current workout routines, review of eating plan/diet, and basic suggestions for improving workout, diet, and fitness.

Members who sign up for five or 12 sessions after a single session will have $35 applied toward the cost of the high package.

 All multiple session packages will begin with a fitness assessment and goal identification, then continue with one-on-one workouts, reassessments, monitoring for proper form and safety, plus other areas specific to individual goals.