Social workers assist patients and families in dealing with problems that accompany an illness or disability. They will listen to concerns and can offer support and guidance for a variety of problems. They can give patients and their families the kind of help often needed during this stressful time. The social worker is available to coordinate admissions, transfers and discharges, and to work with patients and families to meet their social and emotional needs.

Community Health Education "Wellness Connection" is another responsibility of the Social/Community Service department. These monthly educational programs are free to the community to improve their health.

Held in conjunction with BryanLGH Medical Center and other Heartland Alliance hospitals, 55PLUS is another program available through social services. This free service provides several benefits to members including two complimentary meals for family members of hospitalized patients, shredding of important personal papers as needed, and a 5% membership discount at the Community Health and Fitness Center.